Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

Ray Madrigal de Pancho Villa announces 2020 U.S. presidential run

Ray Madrigal de Pancho Villa announces his candidacy for president of the United States of America at Nueces County Courthouse.

Corpus Christi, Texas – Today, Ray Madrigal De Pancho Villa of Corpus Christi, Texas officially filed his candidacy for President of the United States of America and held a press conference at the Nueces County Courthouse to announce his run. Ray Madrigal was joined by his family, campaign Co-Chair and fellow supporters.

Ray Madrigal de Pancho Villa was born in Runge, Texas and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. Ray served honorably in the armed forces and was a municipal court judge for Seadrift, Texas. Ray’s campaign will focus on his political background and democratic approach to bring unity to this nation.
Ray Madrigal de Pancho Villa says “I’m running for the President United States of America because I am concerned the way this country is going. I believe that the people deserve sincere, transparent and effective government.”

“As we campaign across the nation, I look forward to hearing from the voters and better understanding their thoughts, ideas and concerns. I believe that we need better solutions to some of the existing problems we face. When elected, I will bring my political experience in order to protect asylum seekers, improve how our government works for the Veterans, Social Security, and Universal healthcare. I will help attract new businesses and high quality jobs to our country.”

To learn more about Pancho Villa’s campaign for President please visit his Facebook Page at PANCHO VILLA FOR PRESIDENT.

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