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Portland mom says daughter missing still after 3 months

Portland, Texas – A 15 year old teenager last seen in Portland, Texas on January 16, 2019 is still missing, and police are still investigating who had last seen the missing girl.

Jazlyn Saldivar from Ingleside was last talked to in Portland, Texas on January 21, 2019. The conversation between Jazlyn Saldivar was taken place on a Facebook call with her friend Anabel Ortiz. Jazlyn was last seen wearing a gray shirt and blue jean pants with her boyfriend Jose Sauceda.

Jazlyn’s mother, Karrie Simmons, says she filed a missing persons report on Wednesday morning of January, 18, 2019 with the Ingelside Police Department. Now that there has been no physical sign of Jazlyn Saldivar her mother is becoming more worried.

Karrie Simmons had been turning in text messages of conversations between Jazlyn and her boyfriend Jose Sauceda to the Ingleside and Portland Police Department. The Portland Police Department had sent patrol vehicles to Jazlyn’s boyfriends home in Portland. The parents of Jose stated that Jazlyn wasn’t at their home and they hadn’t seen her.

Jazlyn Saldivar and her friend Anabel Marie Ortiz were joyriding to San Antonio with another male friend, Matthew Barr, from Ingleside, Texas until they were in a minor car accident. No police report was made in San Antonio, Texas. Anabel states that Jose Sauceda and another male by the name of Dariel Ferret picked them up halfway from San Antonio, Texas around the morning of January 20, 2019 because of the car accident that had occurred with Matthew Barr.

The four of them went back to Portland, Texas and Anabel was picked up from the home of Jose Sauceda by her parents. Jazlyn stayed at Jose Sauceda’s home according to Anabel Ortiz.

“Jazlyn is a strong girl and can protect herself and I feel she is alive” says Anabel Ortiz. “I feel she doesn’t want to go home that’s all”.

The following day on January 21, 2019 Jazlyn Sauceda and Anabel Ortiz had a Facebook Messenger conversation on Jose Sauceda Facebooks page for six minutes and thirty eight seconds according to Anabel Ortiz. The phone call was the last time Jazlyn was heard from. Anabel Ortiz says she was in Brownsville, Texas with family and that Jose Sauceda didn’t allow her to talk to Jazlyn anymore.

The missing persons case was assigned to Detective Amber Heard on March 7, 2018 with the Ingelside Police Department. Karrie Simmons states that the police department had interviewed a male friend of Jazlyn who had picked her up from San Antonio. The male friend, Matthew Barr, stated he took Anabel Ortiz and Jazlyn Saldivar to San Antonio because Anabel Ortiz had been kicked out of her home and Anabel had a place to stay the night there.

The Ingelside Police Department has conducted a questioning interview with Anabel and Matthew Barr and both were cleared.

The Texas EquuSearch, an organization based in Dickinson, Texas that specializes in search and rescue for missing persons is on standby and is awaiting permission to search with drones, boats, and RTV’s to search for Jazlyn Saldivar around the Portland, Texas area.

Karrie Simmons says “I want Texas EquuSearch to help me find her”.

Anyone with any information about Jazlyn Saldivar locations is asked to contact the Ingelside Police Department at 361-776-2531. The reference number to this case is #R1904007.

Jazlyn Saldivar is 4’ 11 weighing 110 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. She has a scar on her forehead that is 3/4 inch in length and has light skin.

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