Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Mother says daughter bullied for sexual preference in CCISD

Bryelle Diaz began to cry after telling her story of being bullied at Cunningham, South Park, and Baker Middle School in the Corpus Christi Independent School District campus on April 6, 2019.

Vanessa Pecina-Diaz, mother of Bryelle Diaz, is speaking out after her daughter was bullied continuously at three different Corpus Christi Independent School District campuses. The bullying started in the first three weeks of Byelle’s attendance at Cunningham Middle School. Vanessa Pecina took noticed of the bullying quickly and transferred her daughter to South Park Middle School of the 2018-2019 school year. The mother also filed a bully report online before she transferred her daughter to South Park Middle School due to a particular student her daughter had been having issues with where the bullying continued to happen.

The student that Bryelle Diaz had been having problems with at Cunningham Middle School than had been transferred to South Park Middle School where Byelle had took asylum from the student that was bullying her. Bryelle states when the student registered into South Park “she had got into a fight with a girl and had to go to S.S.C (Student Support Center)”. The student was punished by the school campus admionmsitration and had to attend a campus where student are isolated from the rest of schools due to their bad behavior.

The student that Bryelle had been scared of was released from the Student Support Center after several months and was able to enroll back into South Park Middle School. Bryelle claims that the student began to cyberbully her on a social media site, Snapchat.

On April 1, 2019, Vanessa Pecina-Diaz went to drop off her daughter Bryelle clothes for a track meet at South Park Middle School and her car was nearly hit by a vehicle backing out of the parking lot. The women driving nearly hits Vanessa’s vehicle and the woman began to become angry. A Corpus Christi Independent School District police officer arrested Vanessa Pecina-Diaz in the parking lot. Vanessa Pecina-Diaz states “I was having an anxiety attack and I never hit or touched anybody”. She was charged with resisting arrest and was able to bail out of jail on a $500 bail bond at Nueces County Jail. The next day Breyelle Diaz was confronted by the assistant principal at South Park Middle School and was told she cannot be at school because the assistant principal didn’t want any students talking about her mother being arrested.

The arrest at South Park Middle School prompted Vanessa to check her daughter out of the school and check her back into Cunningham Middle School. On Thursday, April 4, 2019 Bryelle Diaz was enrolled into Cunningham Middle School where she was confronted by students wanting fight. “Just because I was there, for like no reason” states Bryelle Diaz.

The following morning, Vanessa Pecina-Diaz had took matters into her own hands after several threats from two female students. Vanessa confronted the two students and asked what the problem was that made the students threaten her daughter Byelle.

“They didn’t like me because I didn’t like them in a girlfriend way” states Bryelle Diaz. According to Bryelle, the girls seen in the video and Bryelle had known each other since elementary school and become to differ in the third grade due to choice of sexuality.

Vanessa Pecina-Diaz has checked her daughter of Cunningham and will not homeschool Bryelle. The negative effects of bullying and misunderstandings have caused Vanessa Pecina monetary losses and pain. Vanessa states “a tremendous amount of weight has been lifted off my back after doing this interview because now I want help change kids to stop the bullying and stop the hate”.

“Ive made bad choices in my life and I do have a criminal background. No matter what my past is, it shouldn’t take precedence over the present issue at hand with my daughter being physically assaulted” states Vanessa Pecina-Diaz.

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