Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

Man gunned down by police officers while sleeping, mother speaks

Laura Salazar, mother of Richard Salazar who was gunned down by 2 Corpus Christi Police officers.

According to police, an armed robbery occurred at the Hi-Ho Convenience Store located at 3948 Baldwin Boulevard. Shortly after police were in search of two suspects in the area. In the midst of searching for the suspects the police announced an officer involved shooting at 210 Torreon Street nearby where the robbery took place.

Police later identified 23 year old Richard Salazar as a victim of mistaken identity of the armed robbery suspect. Although police later claimed the victim of the officer involved shooting had been non-compliant with officers orders to take out his hands out of his pockets, Richard Salazar’s mother, Laura Salazar is speaking out on his behalf while Richard is undergoing surgery and possibly becoming paraplegic due to a lodged bullet in his spine.

“He doesn’t know why he was shot” said the victim’s mother, Laura Salazar. She says her son stated “the lighter just fell out of my hand and they kept shooting at me”. Laura Salazar had to explain to her son Richard that the cops thought he robbed a store.

The mother of Richard Salazar is grieving and in despair after she learned her son was shot 4 times on Tuesday and had to have a reconstructive surgery to his colon.

“It wouldn’t ever cross my mind that an officer would shoot my son” Laura said.

Police said they have apprehended two armed robbery suspects shortly after Richard Salazar was shot multiple times while sleeping on a couch that is located under a carport of his home and the suspects are being held at the Nueces County Jail.

Laura Salazar was on her way back home with food from Wingstop to bring back to her son, Richard, when she learned that her son had been shot by neighbors.

Richard Salazar is being treated at a local hospital for his wounds and is in critical condition, but has been able to talk to his mother. Richard has told his mother that both cops were shooting at him. “I saw her pointing the gun straight at me, she is the one who shot me!” stated Laura Salazar.

FULL VIDEO of Laura Salazar speaking out is below:

Two Corpus Christi Police Officers, Gilbert Cantu and Jacqueline DeLeon are on paid administrative leave after the officer involved shooting. An exclusive video had been posted on Facebook showing what appears to be Richard Salazar on a couch under a car port. The police were seen trying to calm Richard down from the excruciating pain he was enduring.

Full video of moments after the police involved shooting is below,

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