Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Danny’s Tires burglarized, thousands of dollars in equipment stolen

Danny's Tires located on the 3000 block of Ayers and Tarlton Street. The small business was set to open in a few days before it was burglarized. The equipment stolen is valued at more than $8,000.

Owner of Danny’s Tires, Danny Almageur, is on high alert after thousands of dollars in equipment and tires were stolen from his tire shop on the 3000 block of Ayers. His wife, Mirna Almageur, stated that the business should have been in operation a month ago, but the city of Corpus Christi Development Services had took too long to get the permits required to operate.

The burglars had made off with more than $8,000 in tires, rims, and equipment used to change tires on vehicles. The couple had made a police report and the Corpus Christi Police Department gathered evidence and fingerprints.

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