Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

City Council cuts city manager candidates to four

Corpus Christi city council member for District 5, Gil Hernandez discusses the final four city manager candidates.

Corpus Christi City Council unanimously votes in a special council meeting Wednesday to cut city manager finalists from six to four. The final candidates to fil in the position are Harry Black, Lee Feldman, Keith Selman, and Peter Zanoni.

The one year anniversary of the resignation of former city manager of Corpus Christi, Margie Rose, the council are in a rush to fill the position. “You’ve got to put together what you see on paper and what you see in person” says Mayor Joe McComb.

Furthermore, the mayor stated that the city council wants for the candidates to see the community to experience the Corpus Christi area. There were discussions to pay for three of the candidates hotel and transportation expenses, including airfare. Those three candidates, for the exception of Kieth Selman who lives in Corpus Christi, who also is the interim city manager at this time, will be provided airfare and lodging expenses paid by the city of Corpus Christi.

Harry Black has served with the city of Cincinatti and Lee Feldman served as city manager in Fort Lauderdale. Peter Zanoni is currently serving as city manager of San Antonio.

The city council will have discussion of the responses of those four candidates to coordinate a meeting with city council and a meet and greet of the community taking place within 14 days.

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